PFI was born out of the need to injection mold orthotic shells. All of PFI's injection molded orthotic shells were developed by the custom orthotic manufactuing company KLM Laboratories. Below you can see the injection molded orthotic shells that PFI provides for its longtime customer KLM Labs. These products are available from KLM Labs if you intend to order small quantities, and are available from PFI when the order is for at least 2000 pairs.
You can read more about these products at klmlabs.com

CP-3300 Shells

The CP-3300 shell is based on KLM Labs patented System_Rx Technology. Based on the study of thousands of feet, the CP-3300 is the average functional foot orthotic by shoe size. They come in three standard rigidities controlled by glass fill.
Available in sizes Men's 4-16, or Women's 6-18.

Posted CP-3300 Shells

The Posted CP-3300 is the same shape as the CP-3300 except with an intrinsic 2 degree inverted post in addition.
Currently available in men's sizes 6-11, with more to come. PFI is also developing heel lift attachments for the post, which will clip on to the horseshoe design of the plantar post.

CP-Cobra Shells

The CP-Cobra shell is based on the CP-3300 shell; however, the plantar heel and lateral aspect of the shell are removed.
Designed for providing support in close fitting shoes, the CP-Cobra are great orthotics when fashion is at stake.
Available in half sizes.

System_Rx Shells

System_Rx technology was originally developed between 1990 and 1999. The technology was the result of KLM technicians programming computers and milling machines to make custom prescription foot orthotics. After mathematically analyzing thousands of uncorrected and corrected plaster models of men’s and women’s feet, KLM technicians began to recognize and identify common shapes and structures that resulted from creating plaster foot models and then correcting them to meet the specific needs of individual patients. After a decade of research and development, System_Rx technology proved to be more accurate than traditional methods and as well as more cost effective—revolutionizing the custom foot orthotic industry.

Pediatic Shells

The very first injection mold that PFI Inc. made was for a pediatric orthotic. The patient's foot being too small to shape into a positive plaster mold, injection molding became an easy solution. After building the Kiddythotics mold for KLM Labs, PFI Inc. continued to develop injection molded foot orthotics, leaping ahead in the industry with a new ability to manufacture predictable and statistally successful shapes at a much lower cost. Click Learn more below to read more about injection molded orthotics at klmlabs.com